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In the drive direction (not generating) consider electric ships, electric hang gliders, electric trains, electric submarines, etc.  Tethering such systems in a current can be studied for the generation of electricity.  The advent of superconductor technology is changing the game in some sectors.

AES :: all-electric ships

The great rivers & tributaries seem to be the focus of easily available & fairly reliable alternative energy. We know of good nature friendly ways to tap such currents at low cost without traditional dams (see below). Ocean currents & seasonal winds are generally more difficult opportunities, but there are exceptions. There is an easterly equatorial jet-stream at mid-altitudes overhead that might prove a great resource as our field matures. There are seasonal winds, sea-breezes, & nocturnal land breezes at low altitude whose intermittent but predictable winds can serve small flexible applications. Developing a pilot project to tap river-flow would be good demo of practical alternative energy for the Nigerian case. The following video clip shows a very basic tiny demo of an "advanced" low-current concept that can scale greatly-        ds 2010-03-25

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