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Logan J. Remillard
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H3  Recreational Hang Glider Pilot life-rated by USHGRS

Some additional information given by pilot as part of the USHGRS certification process:
  • Table does not show flight entries following shown date:  Log of flights
    • One entry unabridged:
      "7/1/2018    1    180    ATOS VQ    13-18 W          [ Site:] Randolph   
      Pretty consistant day, very few thermals, relatively boring overall. I didn't realize that my flaps were set for quick flight the entire time, instead of the ridge lift setting I'd always had it before….. So when I went to do the final push at the end of a beautiflly setup landing, I rand out of room. Not a bad belly landing, but if I'd had the right setting it likely would have been a beautiful no-step."
  • Some of the sites flown:
    • Randolph/Crawford Mountains
    • Inspiration Point
    • Francis Peak
    • Point of the mountain
    • Bauer/Stockton Bar
    • Jedi
    • Commodore
    • Black Mountain
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And we find to add interest:
  • Among those working for equity in the opening of public land sites for recreational hang gliding without having to become a member of any private corporation. 
  • Pilots several HG wings and sailplane
  • Stays open to site-safety mentoring
  • Ever watches the risk margins of immedate site conditions and self conditions.
  • 2018, purchased a sailplane. In flow toward a sailplane-pilot's set of experiences. 
  • NPS article
  • Gregory Bottelberghe (RIP)   Obituary
  • Welcomed at USHawks Hang Gliding Association
  • Recreational-use-of-lands statutes
  • Recreation 
    • HG groups who use false statements in an effort to get what they think they want may well be biting themselves from within. A citizen may become unsettled by being told untruths by groups or associations or clubs; how that stressed citizen might then move to correct matters may help or hurt the overall recreational hang gliding community.   On September 11, 2018 an important corporation in our sport (County/City level) deliberately stated they will not alter text on a page informating the public; that page holds some important false statements.  Such conduct is challenging many who want the RHG community to be forthright in its dealings with the public and with those in the HG community.
  • Magentabluesky notes: "The key elements are Part 103 flying, launching a Hang Glider off of National Park Service land into the open public air space flying above the National Park Service Land at Fort Funston within the Golden Gate National Recreational Area, period. 

    So Logan would like to exercise his “God given” right and fly his hang glider off of the public domain’s land into the public domain’s airspace. Logan is a veteran. He voluntarily signed up to serve the country and protect the rights of every citizen in this country – years. 

    Now you are telling Logan he must join a private club and spend umpteen amounts of dollars for a ratings not required by law to exercise his “God given” rights on public land and in the public domain airspace. 

    We, the community of Free Flight, should be rolling out the red carpet for Logan to fly. 

    Logan has a clear understanding of public service and everyone's rights in this country. You do not serve and then come home and give up all your rights. 

    He served to protect our rights and is still in private life serving to protect our rights."
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