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Ken Manatt
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  • H4  Hang Glider Pilot, USHGRS life rating
  • FL, HA, TUR
  • HG since 1978

  • Flies frequently at Sylmar.
  • Has flown in Russia, Colorado & Mexico
  • One of his later instructors: Andy Beem of Windsports.  
  • Glider Glasnost : 8 Pilots Break New Ground in Summit With the Soviets
    June 29, 1990.
    "Also making the trip were Jim Ketchum of Marina del Rey; Ken Manatt of Los Angeles; Jim Junio of Anaheim; Bob Lafay of Tujunga; Greblo's wife, Kris; and the women's world record-holder in open-distance flying, Katherine Yardley of Sunland, who set the mark by flying 168 miles in just under 10 hours over the Owens Valley last summer."  
    Rome Dodson (RIP) was also mentioned in the article quoted.  ""We thought we would go there and show them a thing or two," said Rome Dodson, 61, of Sepulveda, one of eight self-proclaimed ambassadors of hang gliding who made the trip"