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Jeff Gildehaus
This file: http://www.energykitesystems.net/HGpilots/JeffGildehaus.html

Recreational Hang Glider Pilot life rating by USHGRS

Some additional information given by pilot's public activity:
  • Since 1974
  • Article about including his USDA and US Forest Service
  • Some instructor experience

And we find to add interest:
  • 2000 competition in Open Class at the 2000 King Mountain Hang Gliding
  • "who flew the Crow Gliding Area for many years. Jeff says this about the Crow. "The fact that 35+ years of flying and the wildlife has been there all along speaks volumes about the compatibility.""
  • Crow gliding area
  • Idaho Hang Gliding Association  
  • Xtralite
  • Comet 2
  • Lite Sport