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Bill Moyes
This file: http://www.energykitesystems.net/HGpilots/BillMoyes.html

H4, HGP, Otto
Recreational Hang Glider Pilot life rating by USHGRS

Some additional information given by pilot's public activity:

And we find to add interest:
  • Founder of USHGRS hand kited Bill Moyes in Torrance, California; then Bill released rope wrapped around the TCF basebar (triangle control frame) to free hang glide.  Beach bluff, firm wind.   
  • Bill has the  Flex-Wing Hang Glider Gold Air Award    He accepted being among the historic contributors listed on the linked award page via correspondence with the founder of USHGRS.
  • Discuss Bill Moyes  HERE     Many more items have been posted; add more Moyes gems.

  • Bill Moyes in complex wing system
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