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Dick Cheney of the hang glider kite world    Richard W. Cheney

Great Salt Lake Sails
368 W. 200N.
Kaysville, Utah 84037
1 (801) 544-5526   [ ]


"This guy makes new ultralight sails for almost everything."

  • One main article about Dick Cheney was written by master hang glider pilot Heiney.  Where do we go from there to find out about Dick?
Timeline ROUGH WORKING YET... all are welcome to advance this article.
  • [ ] Kaysville, Utah, grandfather's fruit ranch.  Where is that fruit ranch? Was it his paternal or maternal grandfather? 
  • [ ] Birth date?   At nine years old he was at his grandfather's ranch. Heiney wrote "1958". That would put the birth at 1949 or 1950.  Verification is sought.
  • [ ] Dick had a boy cousin for model aircraft companionship. Who was the cousin?
  • [ ] Library in youth?   How did he have access to magazines?   What model aircraft magazines were occurring in 1958?  Age 9.   Did he subscribe to any model-aircraft periodicals?
  • Heiney article mentions that 1958 was "35 years ago". Calculation of date of John H.'s writing of the article.  The article was published in 1993 in Hang Gliding.
  • UP International?    Dates... ?
  • What images were available to the public and when ...that might be related to the 1958 claim of seeing a "rogallo" wing on paper?
  • "chief designer at UP"
  • UP TRX ? http://www.delta-club-82.com/bible/60-hang-glider-trx.htm 

  • Dick Cheney started flying airplanes at age 16."   Did he have a recorded license?
  • Age 17. Soloed.  What instructor?
  • Age 18: sailplane flying?   What sailplane?  Where?
  • Age 22: private pilot's license.   Then sailplane license.
  • Apparently he was building an ultralight in mid-1990s.   What have we on that?
  • 1970 built hang glider.    What do we have on this?
  • 1971  his company Parasail Gliders.  What do we have on this company?
    • Parasail   ... standard Rogallo hang glider
  • 1972: "Dick flying a kingpostless standard off the top of the North Side Point-of-the-Mountain in the winter of 1972. Photo by Larry Price."        What does Larry Price know of Dick C.?
  • "Two local sailplane enthusiasts named Klaus Hill and Larry Hall
  • Dick C. made sail for a hang glider for Klaus Hill and Larry Hall.   Twin rudder.  What do we have on this matter?  "Twin Boomer"
  • Richard Miller and Klaus Hill were friends; they were part of the mid-1960s fraternity with newsletter Low, Slow & Out of Control.    [ ] Look into those six newsletters to see if Dick C. was mentioned or not.
  • Richard Miller and Klaus Hill collaborated on the shown wing.  It might be neat to build a replica of that hang glider kite. Instead of the 1908 or so cable-staying of the control frame, this used strut-staying; Richard Miller had written some notes about strut vs cable; find that note.
  • Mountain Green Sailwing  was company name under Klaus Hill and Larry Hall.
  • Dick C. had experience with the Manta Fledge
  • Dick worked with Rex Miller of Manta on the Fledge III.   What might Rex Miller have about Dick C. ?
  • Etc. see article http://www.johnheiney.com/articles/Cheney/Dick_Cheney.htm
  • Layton, Utah
  • Great Salt Lake Sails, Custom Hang Glider and UltraLight Sails, Dick Cheney
    • Great Salt Lake Sails
      368 W. 200N.
      Kaysville, Utah 84037
      1 (801) 544-5526
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  • Dick Cheney      President
    Richard W. Cheney  President


  2012, July. Para-Sail Gliders, Inc.
1979  article in newspaper The Deseret News - Apr 21, 1979      by Max B. Knudson, Deseret News business editor
  • Bird Man of Kaysville is Taking off
  • Richard Cheney is shown in two photographs.
  • One caption:  "Para-Sail Gliders, Inc. makes the wings for the Manta Fledgling hang glider which can be seen soaring in many countries."
  • Wife: Diane
  • Father: Clark
  • Mom:  Ina
  • April 21, 1979, article published.
    Writer wrote: "30-year-old native of this peaceful Davis County town..."     [ ]Calculate and compare dates.
  • "silicone sealed, heat imbedded, 3.8 oz. Dacron"
  • "...has a machine shop operation right alongside the hang glider operation where he machines eight separate parts for Browning black power muzzle loading rifles, turning out 3, 500 parts a month."
  • Mom:  She sewed his first glider on her dress-making machne in 1972 and he took to the air as one of Utah's pioneer hang glider pilots."    [ ] Check date that Heiney had in the 1993 article about the glider then; I think there is a discrepancy of dates.


PARA-SAIL GLIDERS INC. Active 03/20/1973
Corporation - Domestic - Profit 633440-0142 40 Years, 7 Months
Richard W. Cheney
543 E 700 N
Kaysville, UT 84037
Utah (UT)
543 E 700 N
Kaysville, UT 84037



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