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Cromwell Dixon

"Cromwell Dixon was the son of Annie W. Dixon (1867-5/14/1913) and brother of Lulu Dixon Rogers (died 10/24/1969). His family ran the Princess Theater, 116 S HIgh St. On 8/31/1911 he became the youngest licensed airplane pilot in the US and on 9/30/1911 Dixon became the first to fly an airplane across the Rocky Mountains."  Source of quote.

About a special niche activity of hang gliding:

Joe Faust <Editor@upperwindpower.com>
10:58 AM (8 minutes ago), October 5, 2013  
to Frank, Neil, Bob
A niche stretch: Have Dixon stop muscling the prop; have also the LTA aspect become just heavier-than-air: then a falling occurs and a very low L/D wing is in play; at that time and mode a hanging pilot glides down a messy air incline. Such might form a tiny niche of a tiny corner of broad-view hang gliding. Frank Colver knew about such niche activity firsthand!

  • Advancing the special niche activity ideas:  (now listed in Niche Hang Gliding Activity page)
    • Internally format the balloon to give higher L/D shape.
    • Consider hanging pilot in various way.
    • Consider flights in extreme calms in HTA format with prescribed net negative buoyancy.
    • Consider early morning solar heating in some hang flights.
    • Consider when LTA "hang gliding upwards" powered by buoyancy.
    • - use a rolling seat like on a scull- (one man row boat) -the rolling seat allows fore/ afte...weight transfer- to adjust pitch-ducted fan "PROP" - enclosed tube -more improvements as we - redesign advanced model ideas-
      thanks Joe-      ~Neil Larson


Exploring note:
Hi Joe,                                                  5Oct2013
At first I didn’t know what you were referring to until I realized it was my “Hangstat”. Foot launch/land LTA was fun but never as satisfying to me as hang gliding. However, the one aspect of that small niche of personal flight which was always very enjoyable, was the unique ability to slowly ground skim (remember ground skimming?) Slow drifting flights across fields of spring flowers, with my feet just barely above the flowers, will always be among my favorite memories (except the time a rattlesnake sounded off nearby).

Approaching a hilltop and walking (or running) across it and off the far side was also great fun (ready to do a burn when reaching the sink on the downwind slope) (balloon hilltop “touch & go”). That could be where your very low aspect ratio, hot air filled, SHTA (slightly heavier than air) wing could come into play.

Perris CA area was a great playground for enjoying these two activities.

Frank Colver

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Hi All,                                      5 Oct 2013
This may sound a little crazy, but I woke up from a hang gliding dream this morning, and it was so vivid, that I called Joe Faust on the phone to share it with him (I left a message). That's the first time I've ever called Joe to share a dream, and a few hours later ... I get this great email message from Frank about low and slow ground skimming!!

My dream took place at a local flying site (either Sylmar or Crestline), but as in many dreams - even though I "knew" it was Sylmar or Crestline - it didn't look like either. Instead, it was a very large area with rolling grassy hills. The dream contained many of the usual hang gliding chores (loading, unloading, setting up, and breaking down of hang gliders). But the distinguishing feature was a relatively young woman (mid teens?) performing an aerial "ballet" using a small glider during what appeared to be her practice for an Olympic event similar to gymnastics or ice skating. The glider she used could be opened and closed about as quickly and easily as opening and closing an umbrella (wouldn't that be nice?).

She started her routine with the glider folded which enabled her to use it as a pole vault (I thought Joe would appreciate that aspect). She would pole vault into the air with the glider folded, and then open it in mid-air to perform a quick aerial maneuver, and then gracefully land where the glider refolded almost instantly. She repeated this process over and over as her landing run would be turned into another pole vaulting run that would put her back in the air. I would guess that her routine was about 2/3 in the air and 1/3 on the ground, but it was all seamlessly integrated as you might see in an ice skating performance. It was beautiful.

On the practical side, I have no idea how that could be made to really work. But I am glad that I was able to attend that unique Olympic event in my dreams. : )

Best wishes to all of you who pioneered such a great sport!!

Bob Kuczewski

Fantastic dream, Bob! Thanks for sharing that.

As far as easy opening and closing goes, can we say “Standard Rogallo”? But still, not nearly as easy as in your dream.

Great to imagine a glider with which one could use to throw themselves into the air for a short glide down (or catch a thermal). Kind of the “heavier than air” equivalent of a “jump balloon”. Well, actually, jump balloons were heavier than air but light enough to allow the pilot to jump high and float back down. I used to also do that with the Hangstat but it had so much inertial mass that I couldn’t go up more than about 20 feet at best.


Frank wrote:
"Fantastic dream, Bob!"

It was the kind of dream where you wake up and say:

"Darn, I sure wish *this one* had been real!!"

The idea of using the glider as a pole vault is one that
I'd have never come up with in my waking mind. But
I wonder if the physics would work out right if we ...
... transferred an atmosphere to the moon. : )

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Bob Kuczewski

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