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VariDelta: Variable-Drag Delta Kite

 Perhaps the best way to vary drag in an AWECS is a separate a pilot-lift kite with a vari-drogue hung below. Nevertheless, an integrated approach has advantages, just as a conventional aircraft has built-in flaps to add drag for landing (or high lift w/ high drag).

The attached KiteLab JPG shows a proper built-in flap configuration on a conventional delta kite. Note that the flap is just aft of the bridle-point axis, providing a balanced drag input, with the kites natural stability features still active. The flap has a slit for the delta's ventral dart, which also acts as an "apex-hole" stabilizer.

By running two lines to the kite from a common pulley the control input is made with little force while the drag force varies greatly. The next step is for this cycle to be passively actuated thru a power-lever work-cell for a self-piloted AWECS.

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Sept. 27, 2010

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