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Tube Carts

Another toy-ing idea, is using spreading line propulsion for tube carts.

High in the air.

Mount a tubular vehicle to surround twin horizontal lines, the tube at the RHS.

Pull apart the two ends of the line at the RHS with kites. The vehicle
shoots away from the spreading ends of the line toward the LHS.

You can either ride the carriage directly, use the movement for energy

If the carriage has a gap at the bottom and the lines fit rollers you
can transfer the carriage onto the next set of lines.

If the whole shebang is lifted ..So that meshed controllable arch kites
on runners move the lines apart and together.

Below the carriage (or carriage set for safety) sling a vine so that you
can swing underneath the carriage like Tarzan from one node to the next
under the kixel jungle canopy.

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