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"SuperCharging" Conventional Wind Farms with Megascale Airborne Sails

Capacity of an existing conventional wind farm can be greatly enhanced by setting a megascale kite arch to windward to divert the common LLJ layer downward to blow directly on surface-based turbine arrays. The kite arch would stay upwind, well clear of the turbines, as it naturally creates a downwash to scrub away surface turbulence with a strong coherent jet. The method might also favor single unit turbines in selected cases.

This solves the AWES generation problem in a rather neat new way, and may be ideal to greatly boost offshore wind farm capacity during seasonal low wind. Existing wind capital investment would be leveraged, with the only added capital-cost a large cheap sail, its tackle, and anchoring, suggesting a nice quick pay-back. Airborne supercharging may be an "early-favored" hybrid before other more integrated megascale AWES solutions emerge.

A key test will be to sample surface wind downstream of a Mothra to characterize the surface wind boost effect.

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