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Solar-energy conversion devices
on surfaces of  kites, kytoons, aerostats, blimps, gliders

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Terms and aspects:   

  • Fabrics that are solar-energy converters
  • Thin-film solar cells.
  • Use and storage of electricity onboard.

Related links:

  • Some solar-aircraft history:    Art1     Art2  
  • Solar Ship
  • Paul MacCready  Solar Challenger
  • Solar aircraft
  • Solar-energized hang glider
  • Solar Impulse
  • Solar One
  • Eric Raymond and his Sunseeker    
  • In 2005, Alan Cocconi, founder of AC Propulsion, flew a 5-meter wingspan unmanned aircraft for 48 hr non-stop powered only by solar energy.

Commentary is welcome:

  • Even a toy kite may carry solar cells on the wing of the kite. The lines of the kite may also be holding solar-energy conversion arrangement. Even the resistive set of a kite may be involving solar-energy conversion devices. The gliding kites like paragliders may have harness and pilot pod and pilot helmet with surfaces that are solar-energy conversion surfaced.
  • An AWECS may have surfaces that receive laser beams gunned from the earth or another aircraft.