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Single-Tether Multi-AutoGyro (SkyMill-MultiTurbine Hybrid)

Imagine a hybrid of SkyMill's AutoGyro AWECS and Doug's MultiTurbine consisting of a single tether with multiple autogyro turbines along it. There would be no massive drive shaft, just a traction tether, so far-higher altitudes with far more power would be possible than by either concept alone. AutoGyro turbines could start close-stacked on the surface and fly up and down the line as carriages, grabbing the line to work, modulating power in synchrony by collective pitch input. There would be great dynamic range to adjust to wind speed and load-demand. The turbines would be on rotary bearings and use vanes or counter-rotating vane pairs to avoid torquing the tether.

Multi autogyro tethers would work like halyards fixed aloft by fixed-wing pilot kites or aerial latticework held up by LTA, terrain, etc..

CoolIP                       ~Dave Santos             March 19, 2010          M3229

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Terms and aspects:   

  • traction tether   
  • close-stacked
  • collective pitch input 
  • far-higher altitudes
  • carriages
  • grabbing the line to work  
  • modulating power in synchrony
  • counter-rotating vane pairs
  • tether torquing
  • load-demand
  • autogyro turbines
  • rotary bearings
  • halyards

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