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Simpler Easy-Belay Rotation of a MegaScale Arch

A push-turn in stunt-kiting is done by releasing tension on one line with a push-motion. This takes far less actuation force than the common pull-turn for the same end-state (the extra force makes a sharper quicker turn).

Similarly, a megascale kite arch that needs to rotate by easy-belay can crosslink the windward side to the leeward side, so that releasing the windward side powers the hauling to windward of the leeward side. The belay is done with the same anchor circle as before, but a couple of pulleys and some extra line avoids the need for a massive winch. In effect, the belay is self-powered by weathervane-force. This is a "centerless" solution.

As a dopey paradox, it was necessary to design, build, and test a powerful belay winch for Mothra1, in order to then see it as unnecessary

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