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MegaScale Rotation- New Giant Kite Farm Turret Solution

A highly desirable kite farm feature is to be able to rotate the whole farm as a single turret, to maintain a large integrated kite array oriented crosswind and/or drive the turret to generate power. For a km scale kite turret without an expensive giant carousel wheel or loop-track, a few surface anchors can be set in a ring. Belaying between anchors is workable, but its roughnecking to hitch and unhitch such belays manually.

Here is a way to "wheel" a kitefarm around an anchor ring without belays, so obvious that surely someone already saw this-

Imagine a powerful industrial cableway looped in a large continuous circle. It must resist kite array pull from above, which basically means setting load pulleys "upside-down". A kite array is then free to rotate at megascale, at the low capital cost of cableway tech.

Concentric loops are natural for redundancy.

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  • Interesting concept!    ~Harry
  • Rod Read on April 6, 2012:     "If a layer of hexagonal mesh of tarp kixels was flown above a layer of hexagonal meshed steering cableway... where the steering points line up and connect to the centre of a radial slots arranged in the centre of the tarp kixel. Tensioning on the steering mesh ground tether points on the upwind of steering set, would allow a working 3D mega arch."

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