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Low-Tech Dynamic Assembly of Airborne Structure

Why wait for 2025 to dynamically assemble AWECS in mid-air? There are already many easy methods to "build in the sky".

Those who fly branched trains are familiar with the routine of launching a single pilot kite & subsequently building out a towering train by clipping on kites & lines as it rises. Cody used a method of stopper rings & cones whereby kites were added at the bottom of the line & rose to take specified places. KiteLab Ilwaco, in numerous experiments. showed that docking & undocking kites aloft is easy with just simple tow-hooks. Hotswapping kites & lines while maintaining flight was also shown easy. One can use a pulley aloft to support a halyard to hotswap any element. A halyard "loop" allows itself to be switched at will. Useful tricks include stopper knots, pin-releases, & tension-switching. Those who sew kite arches could even fly an arch from the sewing machine as it grows...

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