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Was it Daniel who recently suggested putting legs along a tether to keep Doug's spinning turbines off the ground?  [Ed: No. Rather, it was Darin Selby*]

Its true that airplanes have landing gear & flying insects find legs quite handy. KiteLab experiments from 2008 found bamboo landing legs on small kites & payloads were effective, but the idea was not deeply explored. It seems likely that an entire train of kites that would otherwise not tend to relaunch can land on legs (or even wheels to weather downwind) ready to easily relaunch. Legs help wind to engage wing for early relaunch & also keep wing clear of adverse surface conditions. Even if some kites land wrong, the rest can initiate mass relaunch.

Kite & tether legs add some weight & a potential to foul a slack tether, but might prove an essential method nevertheless.

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  • kite legs
  • tether legs
  • wing legs
  • leg design

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  • The potential of a small LTA kytoon for starting a launch of  large--or even huge--kite arrays.  Think of the power of a small spark igniting a huge plains grass fire. Reverse domino cascade effect.  Launch-after-lull via tiny LTA kytoon..  
  • One could also put a light hoop structure around the tips. This would prevent damage but would not allow rotation until lifted.  DavidC  
  •  No, it was not I who put it forth to the group, but I was thinking along those line you've stated below after I heard about the landing. Was thinking of something simple light weight, strait shaft for length of SpiralAirfoil two bearings, one in front and the other bearing in the back with triangulations attached, possible pontoons on both ends and then pontoons on self launching kite, pontoons could be designed with lift in mind.
    Daniel Parker of SpiralAirfoil.
  • * Darin Selby  wrote:
    ..." I say this is an astounding invention that really only needs some
    lightweight "V"-shaped landing stands hanging down every so often to keep the
    ruler blades from ever hitting the ground. "

  • How do you stop your LTA device from blowing away in a storm like this
    ~ Robert
  • Omnidea's patent application rehearses a focus of moving the Atmospheric Resources Explorer LTA
    above the bad weather to avoid losses and obtain perpetual flight.
    Click for full application and its description:

    My guess: depower working turbines to reduce system drag;  such will give higher angle to the holding tether set; perhaps increase buoyancy of lifter LTA with onboard gas controls.  Get above weather; avoid fighting bad weather at ground (or bad guys in Desert Storm wars.)