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Universal Large AWECS
Launching and Landing Method Identified

Earlier posts introduced the concept of ferrying kiteplanes to and from airports in terms of major delivery and overhauls. This post expands the idea to include "daily" operations, plus more details.

Local and regional airports can host routine high volume large kiteplane launching and landing operations (by towing or self-power). The kiteplanes then commute into place, "docking" (anchoring) over generating plants or grid access points below. As needed, given extended calms, storm forecasts, repairs, or maintenance, the energy aircraft "return to port". Energy Aircraft operations can be worked around the human commuter traffic "rush hours" or become SDO compliant under NextGen capabilities. Some mix of site-launch and airport-launch may be most practical.

Large arrays can be assembled in place over congested surface conditions without needing to ever land "on-site" at all. It may also work for tethers to be festooned on terrain or towers within reach (a few km), from generating points to airports, to even enable tow launch of predocked kiteplanes from a nearby airport.

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