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Kixel, Kixels

Right On, Roddy, we are on to a major mega-AWES concept here, and the VGA analogy is apt.
We can even use Edo-style kite bridling to allow each kixel's AoA to be fine-tuned in flight. What you can't see in all the Edo pictures is the cool little fairlead address-map rigger's plate, at the common bridle point, that allows every part of the Edo to be individually tension-tuned without futzing for the right line. Of course, presetting our Kixels in a tied-off mode is still programming.

Some background:

kixel, kixels             

  • Unit element kite in kite array (like a pixel of an image display) ..
    A genesis of the term may be seen from the suggestion of Rod Read on Sept. 27, 2011: "
    A kite array with piezoelectric multilayer bending actuators. The array is going to be 3d. Each kite will have one or more piezoelectric multilayer bending actuators. The top layer of the array will be set out and addressed as per VGA (yes video)
    standards. e.g.,  a printed cut set of micro kite ribbons glued side by side
    with..."  And then  Dec. 9, 2011: "I'd suggested before addressing of kites in an array can be done with VGA methods."
          That was followed by Dave Santos' comment, "
    Your VGA idea is good, it is even possible to make a giant color TV screen in the sky out of kite pixels; would that not be cool?" and then term creation originated by Dave Santos of KiteLab Group:  AWES5662      
    Article development
    PixelOnWayToKixelForKiting        [ ] Discuss

  • an identical addressable kite unit, one of many strung along rope loadpaths in matrix-arrays, in order to make up a "metakite"
  • Sensors in a kixel may report the conditions of that unit.
  • Controllers may face the needs of a particular kixel.
  • Maintenance crews may focus on a particular kixel.
  • See related terms: AWES5992


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  • kite array
  • pixel

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