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 Convert wind to make sound, etc. Kite Loudspeaker

Wind is already infrasonic energy, if only we could directly hear it, so we mostly just talk about amplification (concentration) and frequency conversion (including filtering and power "signal" generating) in AWE.

The following idea turns a kite into a wide area loudspeaker to radiate sound much farther from a height at a given power rating than an equivalent surface-located speaker. Call it the minaret effect-

Just as a "tin-can telephone" transmits sound by vibrating string, its possible to make a kite act as the "cone" of a loudspeaker by using a speaker (with cone removed) as a ground-based linear motor to drive the kiteline at acoustic frequencies. The kite should be of tightly stretched fabric or even rigid construction, so as to resonate at suitably high Q (but not too high). Of course there are many ways to drive this sort of thing by AWE, bidirectionally. Thus a specialized kite can also act as a sensitive deep infrasonic microphone, possibly, in a phased array, to sonically image a wide-area windfield.

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