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How J E Gordon might build an inflated ring of kites

Inflated rings as kites

I think Roddy's versions of giant inflated rings have considerable potential in AWES design. The ring acts as a furling aid for the parafoil extensions, and may even provide suitable structure for a novel giant annular generator as Beaujean envisions. Such a radical generator avoids a lot of the mass-scaling penalty of giant conventional generators.

Having long pondered inflated rings as kite structure, plus decades of study and practice of ring wings, it seems to me that an optimal configuration is a concentric-ring structure so as to end up with a pierced or open disc in overall geometry. Such a "flying saucer" disc is then able to act as a decent wing, not too thick in proportion to chord. The simplest instance of this is an inflated ring with membrane infill, but a number of nestled rings could make a nice Aerobie style flying ring on a grand scale. Various throwing toys suggest the viability of this form factor.

A "tube wing" made of tandem inflated rings, a la Altaeros, also has interesting uses, but the flying angle of the tube disc plane, for aerodynamic lift, cancels HAWT autogyro-lift usage.

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