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Improved Varidrogue

Conical canopy varidrogues are the simplest class of AWE method, with generally underappreciated virtues. Its biomimetic model is the jellyfish, which is the most ancient swimming creature, jet-propelled no less, & still thriving (lowest biological "capital cost"). To get the most of a varidrogue a short-stroke cycle is best, but the apex-pulling method is rather slow to flip-flop & requires quite a bit of line travel.

A novel method of cycling a varidrogue is to fly the skirt margin in and out by varying its angle of attack (AoA). A bit of reflection suggests various ways of rigging a doubled risers, and maybe tiny embedded spars, so that the skirt flies smartly in and out with just a tiny input to the risers. It might be that such varidrogues operate with a rhythmic popping sound like the pop of a skydivers chute (opening shock).

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