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GroundGen Reference Standard (GM Voltec Powertrain)

As hybrid electric vehicles continue to evolve and enter low-cost high-volume production, we follow progress with an eye to re-purposing components for COTS AWE. A hybrid car can be driven on-location to power a remote village or health clinic, and just ten of them amount to a megawatt rating.

GM's Voltec Powertrain is perhaps the best current reference model, with flexible options for mechanical-to-electric output. For starters, it has two motors/generators, large and small (a "pony"), allowing single or combined operation over a wide range of conditions. The battery pack will cover most dynamic-load and wind-supply fluctuations. The internal combustion "range extender" engine can be a flex-fuel or biodiesel engine, able to back up lack of wind for extended periods. At the heart of the system is a planetary gear that mixes and converts the various power sources and sinks. HarryV previously noted how planetary gears might be a key to AWE.

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