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Fjord bag and upper loch closed circulation pump system

Large cheap kites can lift massive weights with ease, so gearing this
force to smooth outputs is desirable.

If the large kite set is not running crosswind but as a lift drag
charging pumping device
A desired design will
cyclically after between the lift & drag phase inherently wanting to
sink & recover after the peak of achievable lift & drag

So a device that inherently compares tether force available to work done
and applies the force appropriately between the front and back tethering
depending on the current phase of work ,

The pump style device will not simply settle at a balance but actively
use phased imbalance to rise and fall.

So designs should consider either by weight, position, time, force or
other simple acting sense what has been done how to efficiently react.

One neat trick would be flying a kite with one foot either side of an
island / raised reservoir.

Switching the balance of weighting between front and back lines is
standard practice in powering and de-powering.
So maybe a pivoted point down triangle could be fitted to the foot of a
Mothra as a load controller.
The top of the triangle attached to the load at the front point. So as
it reaches a maximum height, front lines are tensed more than rear...
The triangle latches onto the back lines until it falls and is re-set at
ground level... back lines tense and lift resumes.

In the case of a two footed lifting standard Mothra type.. As it sits
pre lift & drag phase... imagine lifting a bag of water at each foot.
The bag is full and bulbous underwater having being filled with water.
The bag top will be lifted by rigging mostly set to the back lines of
the Mothra.
Assume there is a loch in the raised middle of the island or the Mothra
bag is otherwise able to release to some raised reservoir.

As the bag is lifted high into the air, ducting and releasing water to
the reservoir makes the bag slim and elongate...
The bottom swollen sides of the bag tether the front area of the kite so
that when they stretch away ... the kite depowers, sinks the bag and...
as the bag is now bellow the reservoir, water flows into the bag...
resetting the system...

Can that be done one foot at a time?

Or couldn't we just a massive normal piston setup and multiple take off
gens available for varying force inputs...?

I guess this is the same as lifting a massive obelisk repetitively

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