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Displacing fuel and slashing costs- Wind-Powered Aviation

To displace fuel consumption directly with kites is true energy awareness and mastery. The most exciting such kite use is to directly displace conventional fuel-based aviation. Not only is there the ecological benefit, but high costs are slashed: Aviation is thus made affordable to virtually everyone.

Initially the expansion of kite-based aviation is confined to special niches. Generally these niches are in "low and slow" local markets. KAPers (Kite Assisted Photographers) are severely eroding the market-share of elite helicopter-based wedding photography, while creating a greatly expanded aerial photography market. Now even a middle-class child's party can be affordably captured from above. The absence of noise and greater safety also count. Avgas, by the way, still has lead added.

We see how kites can serve agriculture. We see how wind-driven wildfires will be fought by kite. Once again, existing aviation sectors can be directly displaced. A kite system set high above in good wind can raise almost anything with simple tackle. Kite-based pick-and-place over a cluttered surface of massive out-sized objects can be very competitive with Skyhook service.

Cool aviation sports need not involve high fuel use, if windpower will do. Skydiving will become widely popular when two-dollar kite jumps replace twenty-five-dollar airplane jumps. Kite-towing gliders aloft is the kind of open niche almost anyone can study and figure out. A kite can tension a bungee to launch sport aircraft and humans ballistically. Kites are a most playful revolution in a desperate practical world.

To be "cheaper than coal" is hard; coal is so damn cheap. To be "cheaper than fueled aviation" is far easier, more like just being "cheaper than diamonds." Anyone who wants to make a nice quick buck in AWE: the new fuelless aviation is the way.

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