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Combined Pumping & Reeling

Some promising AWE schemes require both reeling and pumping kite line(s). Functionally separating while system-integrating the two functions is desired.

The common sport fishing-rod shows how. The angler reels and dips the pole as separate IO channels, flexibly controlling line length and high transient forces on the line at the same time. The pole, in AWE use, is a lever to work a pumping cycle. The reel resides at the lever fulcrum or low-end, minimizing moving mass.

CoolIP                       ~Dave Santos             Sept. 15, 2010        M2117

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  • Yes. I developed such systems while working for Keith Stewart. The first is
    really simple, just a double reel mounted on a control bar. Billy and Cory
    Roeseler actually marketed such a control bar with a motorcycle brake on the
    reel, for the purpose of self-launching your kite even while swimming.
    Unfortunately today's kite-surfing industry doesn't appear to have anything like
    this, although I may be mistaken. For AWE you would have a single
    motor/generator in the double reel and some mechanical system for moving the
    control bar.

    The other was a more complicated gearing system, basically a differential
    separating the controlling and reeling functions. One handle or motor/generator
    moves both reels in the same direction, the other moves them in opposite
    directions. No control bar required, but more expensive. Keith had one built and
    used it. It worked as intended, but had more friction than we would have liked.
    For AWE one the one input would have a motor/generator, the other just a motor.

    Theo Schmidt                     September 15, 2010