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7 m2 NPW on Crosswind-Cableway (AWE Encampment notes)

 For many years stunt-kite fliers have preformed an amusing trick of flying a kite via an upwind anchor equipped with a pulley or ring. This doubles back the lines to put the flier under the kite to allow a sort of close dance. In AWE, we have discovered this rig enables the flier to self-launch and land long-lined, with various advantages. At the kitefarm two days ago, we successfully flew a 7m2 NASA Power Wing back and forth along our crosswind cableway in dog-stake mode, with both launch and flight happening from the same point.

This was also our first flight of a large single-skin kite from the cableway. While the sweep was slower, load velocity was still high due to stick-and-overshoot with bowstring-effect. The power was just amazing, a sort of train-like trundling along the taut steel cable. The tangible indication is that large cheap kites seem to be be very effective wings for crosswind AWE.

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