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Brian Germain

Brian Germain is a parachute manufacturer, canopy flight instructor, and author.  His extensive knowledge of skydiving and human psychology makes him a favorite guest of Skydive Radio listeners.  In his recurring segment Safety First, Brian talks about listener submitted topics on skydiving safety.  More information about Brian can be found at www.CanopyFlightInstructor.com and www.TranscendingFear.com      and    M3240  

Brian Germain
Adrenalin Management Specialist
Heroic Leadership Training http://www.GermainSeminars.com 
Emotion is everything.

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Books by Brian Germain

  • The Parachute and its Pilot: The ultimate guide for the ram air aviator
  • Vertical Journey: The art of new age skydiving
  • Transcending Fear: The doorway to freedom
  • Green Light Your Life: Awakening your higher self

Brian's Radio Show:    Safety First with Brian Germain   On http://www.skydiveradio.com