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Alexander Bolonkin  
[Contact by AWES community in 2012 by the coordinated efforts of Dave Santos and Shawn Thomas! Great!]

His home site: http://bolonkin.narod.ru/

ArticleOfFlowEnergyForSgre12211.pdf  "Work was written in 2000, patented in 2001, corrected in 2009"     Doc of article:  https://ia600607.us.archive.org/15/items/UsingOfHighAltitudeWindEnergy/

Fruit of 2013 from Alexander Bolonkin


Alexander Alexandrovich Bolonkin                   Bolonkin, Alexander     |    AWES5674  | AWES6624

  • 2001      Method of Utilization a Flow Energy and Power Installation   Filed: September 6, 2001
  • 2003 paper:      High Efficiency Transfer of Mechanical Energy.     Use aerialized cable loops to transfer mechanical energy; use control wings (kites) to keep the loop in the air.
  • 2004 Aug.16-19. Alexander Bolonkin presented Utilization of Wind Energy at High Altitude wherein arguments for groundgen over flygen were presented along with other concepts. A preference for using  "closed loop, modern composite fiber cable" was expressed.    M2891       SomeHere.   
  • 2001      Transport:    (click image for full instructions)

  • "Alex is an engineering polymath and  major figure in Kite Energy, with one of the few "superpatents" (most AWE patents are weak), potentially a key player. "  ~ds   22Feb2012
  • See: New Technologies and Revolutionary Projects
The lifted ladder means:

The two-loop lifted loop of drag wings

Fan-belt driven by laddermill which is starkly lifted with pilot-lifter kite system.