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Nov. 16, 2019         Dave Santos
KPower's AWE Documentary and other hidden actions
Dec. 28, 2019, post by Dave Santos

Seeing SkySails Flexpower Unit as first COTS basis to rig AWES like these below. kPower has validated the essentials with years of small-scale prototypes, and continues to refine details, like a passive kite-kill if any leg is cut. We can operate without control-pods, comm-links, RATs, or conductive tethers.

Our conviction is that single line AWES and power-kite operations over people and property are uninsurable under current failure statistics, and that rigs like those below are the golden way forward.

Please let us know what you think.
Nov. 15, 2019        posted by Joe Faust
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October 9, 2019       Dave Santos

Re: kPower Schematic for Expeditionary Kite-Electric Skateboard

kPower reports a successful maiden flight of the Kite-Electric Expeditionary Skateboard earlier today at Oak Springs soccer fields in East Austin, Texas. Rigging the system as shown in the schematic, from 100% COTS components, only took 3 hours the first time, to be done in <30 minutes with practice.

There was a bit of a line snarl at first, that cleared nicely. It was tricky handling both the skateboard's loose remote control, to engage regenerative braking, while kite flying by control bar, but it all worked; and will only get better. It was not practical to take video with hands so full, await catch-up media soon. Each follow-on session will vary and refine the rig toward ideal proportions and features.

A 70km round-trip along Mustang Island, on the Texas Coast, is hoped this weekend.
October 6, 2019              Joe Faust

Re:  kPower Schematic for Expeditionary Kite-Electric Skateboard

Angela reminded us of our former conception of having a kiteboard with impeller-driven generator. So, combine the land skateboard  as sea-going kiteboard.  Use same battery pack and generator; just transfer from wheel drive to impeller drive.  Cross roaded lands and water bodies!

The water arrangement would need a more robust packing to face the corrosive effects of waters. And the family of such devices faces also kite cars and kite boats with the generative aspects. The aircraft cousins have RATS (ram-air turbines).

October 6, 2019                 Dave Santos
[See: RegenerativeChargingDoneSlow.html    for preamble message.]

kPower Schematic for Expeditionary Kite-Electric Skateboard

kPower now has all components in-hand, and is rigging the board as shown-
Expeditionary Kite Electric Skateboard