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Nov. 16, 2019         Dave Santos
KPower's AWE Documentary and other hidden actions
Feb. 29, 2020, post by Dave Santos of kPower
Progress E Skateboard

Relentless kPower progress. Still refining geometry and details. Lots of great crosswind pumping, but this is the only usable footage that the random children videoing managed. Mom emailed clip. kPower expensed ice cream for all, which Google was always too cheap to pay for.

Pending rig for Zilker Kite Fest will nail it.
Feb. 15, 2020, post by Dave Santos
kPower invited speaker to TX Rotary International Club

By a curious chance, a Rotary International Monday-scheduled speaker on US Census cancelled, and I am invited on two-day notice to present instead on Kite Energy. Have always known these folks to be super friendly, so will be great fun to share AWE. Will report afterwards,

Review of Rotary reveals an admirable creed and history.    Rotary International
Feb. 7, 2020, post by Joe Faust
Cool demo!

Charge Electric Vehicle Skateboard by Historic Patent Arrangement


Testing the Kiteboard EV further, session by session. Some key lessons are not as much kite-related as EV-related.

In the context of Polar KiteSled EV R&D, lower winter temperatures have caused noticeable reduction in Kiteboard EV battery performance. Literature study details the operational issues Polar EVs face. Its attractive to combine battery thermal management with a nomadic EV crew’s cabin space heat requirement. The same thermal regime applies to stationary AWES batteries in cold conditions.

Tesla batteries use a dedicated heating system. There are specialty batteries with somewhat better cold performance chemistries, but some preheating would still be wanted in Polar cold- 1


Here is final updated prototype design based on testing. The upper loadpath bridle needs to be long enough to avoid pinching the wing laterally. As originally rigged, the NPW nose tended to collapse during surge. The Control Bar worked well enough, but some tunability with a Dan Tracy bar would be handy on some less-used “points-of-sail”. Integrating the EV throttle and settings buttons into the bar would be a final refinement. The regen braking could use a settable input. More EV charge instrumentation would be helpful. I may soon be trading this EV for a used paraglider and harness, as the safer activity :).

kPower progress for E Skateboard charging

Feb: 2020:

Because of wrongful moderation restrictions on my account, I could not post any more on fig5 topic, so posting here, as the EV skateboard regen capability is involved.

The latest twist is that common regen is not automatic in back and forth pumping, but the ESC must flip between forward and reverse for two way regen. A robot hand to operate the ESC control logic would be cool.

Video clip shows typically relentless kPower testing progress, by many modest steps, over many years. Still refining geometry and details. In an almost infinite design space, converging on optimality is slow but wondrous.

Lots of great crosswind pumping now, but this is the only usable footage that the random children videoing today managed. Mom emailed kPower the clip. kPower expensed ice cream for all (which Google was too cheap to pay for; they are not even in AWE any more, citing cost).

Fig5 full rig for Austin Zilker Kite Fest next month should be in the sweet spot.

Dec. 28, 2019, post by Dave Santos

Seeing SkySails Flexpower Unit as first COTS basis to rig AWES like these below. kPower has validated the essentials with years of small-scale prototypes, and continues to refine details, like a passive kite-kill if any leg is cut. We can operate without control-pods, comm-links, RATs, or conductive tethers.

Our conviction is that single line AWES and power-kite operations over people and property are uninsurable under current failure statistics, and that rigs like those below are the golden way forward.

Please let us know what you think.
Nov. 15, 2019        posted by Joe Faust
kPower noted in featured startups

10 Delft-based startups to keep an eye on in 2019 and beyond
By Bojana Trajkovska -November 15, 2019

October 9, 2019       Dave Santos

Re: kPower Schematic for Expeditionary Kite-Electric Skateboard

kPower reports a successful maiden flight of the Kite-Electric Expeditionary Skateboard earlier today at Oak Springs soccer fields in East Austin, Texas. Rigging the system as shown in the schematic, from 100% COTS components, only took 3 hours the first time, to be done in <30 minutes with practice.

There was a bit of a line snarl at first, that cleared nicely. It was tricky handling both the skateboard's loose remote control, to engage regenerative braking, while kite flying by control bar, but it all worked; and will only get better. It was not practical to take video with hands so full, await catch-up media soon. Each follow-on session will vary and refine the rig toward ideal proportions and features.

A 70km round-trip along Mustang Island, on the Texas Coast, is hoped this weekend.
October 6, 2019              Joe Faust

Re:  kPower Schematic for Expeditionary Kite-Electric Skateboard

Angela reminded us of our former conception of having a kiteboard with impeller-driven generator. So, combine the land skateboard  as sea-going kiteboard.  Use same battery pack and generator; just transfer from wheel drive to impeller drive.  Cross roaded lands and water bodies!

The water arrangement would need a more robust packing to face the corrosive effects of waters. And the family of such devices faces also kite cars and kite boats with the generative aspects. The aircraft cousins have RATS (ram-air turbines).

October 6, 2019                 Dave Santos
[See: RegenerativeChargingDoneSlow.html    for preamble message.]

kPower Schematic for Expeditionary Kite-Electric Skateboard

kPower now has all components in-hand, and is rigging the board as shown-
Expeditionary Kite Electric Skateboard