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October 30, 2019                   Dave Santos

Enerwhere adding AWE to Solar Practice

Enerwhere is a developing-world solar-diesel market player showed up at AWEC2019 (p112, Book of Abstracts), with good preliminary market analysis. They will follow the slow shake-out of the large pack of me-too AWES developers, to partner with survivors that meet key criteria identified. AWES must compliment existing solar-diesel-battery local grids. Full autonomy not required, as the diesel plants already employ full-time operators. Robust reliability for remote rough conditions. Get it right, and a large energy-hungry biz sector opens up.
* Zero bridling is a KiteShip feature, and the two square ram-air intakes are strikingly SkySails in appearance. A third line to the center TE would allow variable (de)power control.