"Worse is better" v. "The Right Thing" in AWE R&D

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Nov. 3, 2019                          Dave Santos

 "Worse is better" v. "The Right Thing" in AWE R&D

In software engineering, "worse is better" is an old user-centric debate between a superior "right-thing" interface ( effortless user experience) over bloated code versus a "worse" difficult interface, over superior code implementation.

In AWE R&D the same cultural divide exists. Many teams seek simple "right thing", one-button launch-and-forget customer interface over complex underlying automation. Others opt for a simple "rag & string" AWES performance that demands "worse is better" skilled supervisory operations. Its a classic engineering trade-off parameter. Under "worse is better" theory, worse enters the world sooner and spreads, while "the right thing" is still putting its boots on. AKA, "the perfect is the enemy of the good".

Playing both sides is to start worse and end right over time.

Worse is better