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Nov. 21, 2019                     Joe Faust

 25 Commentsby: Jenny List
On the buying page there is a title that overclaims a first; of course, there has been kite turbines before the featured kite turbine!

Advantages   (quote from Kite Networks Presentation for WESC 2019 by Rod Read of Windswept & Interesting )
  1. Fail Safety & network part redundancy
  2. Minimal Cost prototypes  5k/1.5kW
  3. Stability & control from simple networks
  4. Fail-soft functionality degradation
  5. Stacking => multi kite ring contribution
  6. Packing => ground area/kW minimised
  7. Power to weight >0.7kW/kg
  8. Most Scalable AWES by modular unit network addition
  9. Flying tuned for deep in power zone ~=20 -30 deg
  10. Line efficiency / kite area also fairing + another trick
  11. Separated lift and drive launching & land
  12. Yaw & Elevation whole stack stall from lifter or back
  13. Modular swap & reconfiguration
  14. Solidity reconfigurable (live?) by radial expansion, number on ring & concentric OM
  15. Lattice and stacked lift cumulation hosting options
  16. Smaller wings crash better with less Ek & frangible net
  17. Structure power and transmission from wind
  18. Fewer energy conversions - direct to rotary groundgen
  19. No rope abrasion with graded material transitions
  20. Consistent L/D governing generation capacity as TTR
  21. TRPT - lower line speed lower down = safe & efficient
  22. Portability  (Scouts camps have demonstrated)
  23. Predicted ~=0.17g CO2/kWh
  24. Not rigidity dependent.
  25. Low wing loading on smaller arrayed tensile rigid wings
  26. Open source design framework on components <1kW
  27. Generation starts from low & builds with altitude
  28. Ring expansion control by bank angle
  29. Reverse drivable @ bottom of stack & prop assist viable
  30. Performance predicted to improve with scale
  31. Suitable for High Cl wing arrays
  32. Multiple power tap options position & type
  33. Marine analogous versions seem viable
  34. Easy diagnosis, repairs & CAA EASA FAA approvals
  35. Easier to build smaller simpler wings in smaller facilities
  36. Pretty Colours