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October 5, 2019       Dave Santos "Now this is kiting"; Polar Exploring with Inuit Windsled

Most detailed coverage yet of AWE's historic polar nomadic homesteads, having already covered many thousands of km, with millions to go. Solo adventurers also use kites these days. Adding electrical generation to the NPW traction power is currently under development. That news soon-

Now, This is Kiting!
Sept. 21, 2019     Dave Santos
Inuit Windsled Program integrating into AWE Community

Having proven itself as a kite-based solution in its Polar domain, the Windsled concept and team will be featured at AWEC2019, bringing the venerable NPW into prominence in the midst of all the other wing types-

AWE alternative to conventional logistics in Polar Regions

Pioneering AWE homesteading on land, ice, or sea is proving far more dynamic and nomadic than the previous wind model of fixed remote homesteading with a tower-based turbine.
Sept. 21, 2019         Dave Santos
Windsled Diary- New Kite Lifestyle being perfected

Amazing progress of the newest most sustainable way of Polar exploring, by means of kites, with more than two tons of habitat pulled over 200km/day, up to 35km/hr with as little as a 10m2 kite or as big as 150m2.

Lots of great operational details being worked out. As predicted by kPower, kite-quiver practice is finding power kites last many years in like-new condition, but watch out for suddenly rising wind conditions that can cause too much kite to be flying, and then it gets rather dramatic.

Rag-and-String is real kite power; more hands-on sailing-in-the-sky than robotic drones. A single Windsled or Shipkite voyage clearly harvests far more AWE than all existing high-complexity prototypes put together.

Expedition diary 2018/2019