Topic     Water Dropping by Kite  
                       (or drop similar fluids)
  • Parent:   Kite Applications
  • Fetch water and then drop water
  • Feed water up tether and then drop water.
  • Obtain water from atmosphere and then drop water
  • Drop water in its ice phase. 
  • Drop containers of water, bags of water
  • Drop water through drop tube.
  • Sporatic or intermittent dropping of water.
  • Continuous dropping of water.
  • Spray water from kite system.
  • Spray water from kite's tether set.
  • Spray water from kite's anchor assembly.
  • Using gravity for head pressure.
  • Using wind energy for pumping pressure.
  • Reasons to drop or spray water by kite
    • Extinguish fire
    • Cool a space
    • Hydrate plants or animals or people
    • ?
    • ?
  • Cousin tease:  QilingUAV’s JC260 drone drops bombs to extinguish forest fire
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