Water and AWE
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Jan 20, 2020, post by Joe Faust
Water and AWE
  • Dew on stored kite systems? Rot?
  • Pull water-gen paravanes by kited wings.
  • At sea or off-shore AWES.
  • Rain and kiting systems.
  • Get cooled water or ice from aloft.
  • Use AWES to make hydrogen from water.
  • Lift water by AWES to high storage points for storing potential energy.
  • Lift water for releasing the same to fight fires.
  • Use kite systems to release cooling mists over a region.
  • Use water for travel by kite traction. Ship kiting. Kiteboarding. Kite foiling.
  • Use kite system to lift dirty water to the tops of towered water filters.
  • Use kite system to lift and release water over a group of people or animals to cool them.
  • Use kite system to lift and release water to help area regrowth.
  • Move water to animal watering holes by use of kite systems.
  • Obtain water from altitude by kite; let the water return to ground by various means. 
  • Use kite system over broad dew-catching surface to sponge or scrape the dew water for animal or human use. 
  • Wing icing?
  • Drag nets or other collector devices by kite to clean water or perform food harvesting.
  • Water that is out of place in an AWES might destroy the system. Electrical shorting? Corrosion? Fire? Electrocution or electric shock?
  • Damp tethers versus dry tethers?
  • We take paravane systems as AWES; the flow media for wings is water.
  • Traction by kite over water ice ...
  • Traction by kite over snow ...
  • ?