Two-Line Arch Kite of Embedded Rotors  
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Arch of rotors within soft wing
Pierre Benhaïem
Airborne Wind Energy is studied to harness the huge wind reservoir in high altitude.The main problem of existing concepts and prototypes are the huge land/space used due to long tether in any wind directions for a small flying member. Arch configuration allows an effective exploitation of both inherent qualities of soft kite (lightness, lift...) and inherent qualities of rotors (electricity production, lift...), lift being the logical link. Arch configuration is a very good opportunity for a combination with Kpower's Arch of which Dave Santos is the conceptor, and where Earth is the spar, allowing filling the space used, so maximizing land used by minimizing risks of collisions of rotors. In the sky turbines are not visible, and arch covers the whole window of flight in a static way.
Les éoliennes aéroportées sont étudiées pour capter les vents d'altitude plus réguliers et puissants.Les systèmes envisagés ont en général une très longue corde pour un petit dispositif volant. Cette éolienne permet de maximiser l'aire au sol et dans l'espace.
Pending patent FR1401892
Demande de brevet d'invention FR1401892