The Case for Transport Sail Craft

  • The Case for Transport Sail Craft
    by Billy Roeseler, Theo Schmidt, Andrew Beattie, Cory Roeseler,
    Dave Culp, Russell Long, Tad McGeer, & Richard Wallace

    A version of this paper was presented by the authors at the World Aviation Congress, Los Angeles, California, on October 24, 1996     

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28220    Classic 1996 Ship Kite Paper
Nov. 8, 2019                             Dave Santos

Perhaps JoeF already logged this 1996 paper, but I don't recall seeing it before. Experts will recognize legendary authors (Roeseler, Culp, Schmidt, etc.). Culp revived kitesailing in modern times, Roeseler, father and son, invented kitesurfing, AYRS was long the geek forum of kite- and speed-sailing. This is the paper that set KiteShip (and perhaps SkySails) in motion. Many deep insights as ignored or rediscovered today.     HERE
Classic 1996 Ship Kite Paper
Nov. 8,2019                   Joe Faust

Good reminder!
We noted the article yeara ago on
and in message