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Oklahoma State and Toyota hope to build world's highest flying kite
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Dec. 5, 2019              post by Joe Faust
A clipped note

"CEAT Fiscal Year 2018 Active Awards  Active Awards
Research on Inflatable Kite Technology
This visiting research scholar program will include: 1) inflatable technology development, 2) kite dynamics modeling, 3) designing and building up the flight system, 4) validation of the system.
Sponsor: Toyota Motor Corporation
PI/PD: Jamey Jacob "

"Inflatable Structures Feasibility Studies
OSU shall perform tasks in support of the development of inflatable structures on a scale model to evaluate and develop design, deployment, and control methods.
Sponsor: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America (TEMA)
PI/PD: Jamey Jacob "
Dec. 5, 2019            post by   Joe Faust
See below article and its video:

STILLWATER, Oklahoma - Oklahoma State researchers are working with Toyota to develop new energy efficient technology that could be used around the world.
Seed article on topic:   HERE

We also embed a video to tease the discussion:

Post by Joe Faust on Dec. 4, 2019
  • Will Carroll, Ben Loh, Kathleen McNamara
  • Oklahoma State University Unmanned Systems Research Institute
  • Osage County, Oklahoma
  • The article quote: "Toyota hopes someday, perhaps by the middle of this century, to turn kites into a viable power source. The ultimate goal would be a kite the size of an airliner, big enough to carry solar panels or a wind turbine and send electricity back to the ground."  tells me they may be on the wrong track with a flygen mentality. The highlighting in yellow is my added item.