Toyota AWE
    Toyota Motor Corporation - Captain of Mothership Project
  • "Oklahoma State University is working to prove concepts with Toyota"
  • "The giant kite called the Mothership"
  • "High altitude flight test will be performed in 2019"
  • "Mothership Kite Project"
  • William Carroll
    • Temporary Researcher - Toyota MOTHERSHIP
      Company NameOklahoma State University
      Dates Employed May 2018 – Present
      Employment Duration 1 yr 6 mos
      Location Stillwater Oklahoma
      For this position, I am the design lead for the pressure maintenance system needed to maintain the pressure in an inflatable kite for high altitude flights (5000m+ above sea level). I also assist the team with large-scale kite design, kite dynamics and modeling, designing experiments to determine material properties of inflatable structures and data acquisition systems.
  • Eiji Itakura commented on HERE
  • ToyotaAndOKstateHighFlyProject
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October 29, 2019        Dave Santos
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Two students doing R&D-

October 14, 2019              Dave Santos

Major Player- Toyota's AWES "Mothership" Vision

See AWEC2019 Book of Abstracts. Apparently this is not a new project, but its only now coming to international notice as one of the grandest AWE visions yet. Toyota is industrial giant behind it.
EIJI ITAKURA - Captain of Mothership Project - Toyota Motor Corporation | LinkedIn