Topological Options For Kite Systems

  • Let topology be explored for its potential to effect optional kite systems and AWES.  Identify topologies that might be explored by kite-system designers.
  • Identify the topology of extant kite systems and AWES.
  • Recall a kite system has three special wing sets: anchor set, tether set, and opposing wing set. The media being deflected by each of the three wing sets may be distinct, or combined. 
  • One might explore just the topology of a wing in a wing set of multiple wings; or the topology of the complete kite system as an integration of the anchor set, tether set, and wing set. 
  • AWES farms or kite farms may be analyzed for their topologies.
  • Will the topological analysis of kite systems be an effective exercise for positively advancing AWES?
  • "AWES Architectures under Topology Lens"  is a topic title started by Dave Santos on February 1, 2020.  
  • wiki on Topology
  • Wolfram MathWorld Topology
  • During the study and discussions on topological options for kite systems, there will probably occur a mix and maybe confusion with geometrical notions and metric notions that have some potential interest in the design of kite systems for doing good deeds. We may break out into new topics while trying to keep the present topic on topological notions.
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