Caribbean Foiling Championships

Aug. 11, 2019       Joe Faust




"Kiteboarding is to become a full Olympic sailing event after World Sailing’s (WS) Council approved a submission that will see athletes take the stage at the Paris 2024 Games."


Will any of the involved kite systems feature air RATs or hydro turbines?

Will participants and spectators become more able to think about and appreciate a wider world of energy kite systems? 


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Aug. 11, 2019    Dave Santos

The Olympic Kiteboarding rules competition will be between simple boards vs foil boards, LEIs vs parafoils, freestyle vs speed around a course. What about stunt kiting? It hardly matters which fine option first puts kite sports into Olympic play; the kites are coming. 

None of the kite systems currently under consideration involve RATs or hydro-turbines because such complications are low TRL that would at first only reduce net traction power with added cost and complexity, creating a tech race more than an athletic event. Olympic events try to equalize gear as much as possible. Non-Olympic open "Cup" and record competitions will naturally adopt more open rules. How about Fort Felker on an electric foil-board driven by an M600 for a Gold Medal?

Note: A Kiwee1 AWES could in principle direct-drive a hydro-turbine board for DUW sailing.