Three-body Problems in AWE

  • Consider the gravitational classic problem of three bodies in space interacting.. But also, explore other three-body problems in AWE.
  • Consider also the most simple AWES: one anchor, one tether, one wing. Those three bodies: anchor, tether, wing interact with a dynamic. Analyzing such three-body system is not easy.
  • Consider two twin kited wings and one common anchor in Y ans well as in V formats.  Analyze the two arrangements as some kind of three-body problem.
  • Then we reach for 4-body problems and n-body kite systems to do good; analysis of such systems might reveal analytical methods and perhaps obtain interesting results.
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  • Dave Santos initiated a three-body AWES topic.  That may be developed here also.
  • The analysis of the dynamics of kited-wings in coteries and kite trees and spider-mills may be reveal matters that might help optimize PTO in AWES of such topologies.
  • The classical:  Three-body_problem
  • Also: Euler%27s_three-body_problem
  • Of course, changing assumptions for a scene will alter how the story goes. The simple three-body simple kite system is quite different from the classic three-body problem of physics.  Exploring might bring some benefits.
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