Sensors in AWES
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Dec. 7, 2019,                post by Joe Faust
Human in AWES: have his or her package of sensors available to serve goods!

Integrate a human into an AWES in one way or another and have available his or her senses to serve the purposes of the particular AWES. Places of integration? In anchor system, on tether system, in wing system, near PTO system?  The net integrated AWES would then have a part of itself called human.  Depending on how the human used his or her senses for the benefit of the purposes of the AWES, we'd  have various results. We'd have the limitations that come with the human; we'd  be able to have human perspectives fairly directly.

Thee are ample examples of AWES having huaans as integrated part of itself. But we may explore even more deliberate integration of humans into AWES by design. A most simple first example of an AWES that has a human integrated as a part of itself is the primitive kite system of single tether, single wing, and human holding the lower tether end and thus being at least part of the anchor system of the AWES.

Consider senses even beyond the five Aristotelian senses and bring them to effective play in some AWES:

Human in kite system sensing many things!
Human in kite system sensing many things!