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Sept. 20, 2019          Dave Santos
Advanced Rigging: Soft-Shackle Update
Hard shackles are beautiful, um, "hardware"; but soft is better. Ancient and classic kite rigging, and now ultimate modern rigging performance, depends on soft shackles. Past Forum discussion surveyed the early soft shackle revival phase, and we learned DIY art. Now we are seeing ever more refined soft-shackle technology in many extreme sports.

Check out this Ozone PG soft-connection for example. Note the anti-chafe sewn sleeves over all the UHMWPE lines, the double-secured classic larkshead, the elegant beauty of the latest best construction, yet at heart its the same gear we can make ourselves without the frills, from scraps. The Future is Stoked.

High-end soft rigging runs about 50% cheaper than fine hardware, by load rating, and far lighter and safer, especially for scaling. Imagine large soft-shackles handling megaloads by modest mass compared to massive strength-equivalent metal shackles. Its a similar power-to-mass scaling advantage as soft over rigid wings.

Video: Gin Soft Shackle
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