Review of AWES Technologies

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Nov. 12           Dave Santos

Nice overview by AMARTYA MUKHERJEE, with an odd assortment of sources, new and old-

Up Is the Way Forward for Wind Energy | Engineering For Change

Seeing that JoeF's site caught Amartya's attention, as evidenced by a comment response, explaining anachronisms of old and new sources-

"we invite you to look over the job opportunities in kite energy or airborne wind energy."

Trending in South Asia; the right stuff.

Jobs? Just wait, five million or so, in twenty years, if trends hold :)
Nov. 7, 2019                  Joe Faust

One 2015  review of AWES technolgies by
Antonello Cherubini
Andrea Papini
Rocco Vertechy
Marco Fontana
Airborne Wind Energy Systems: A review of the technologies
OCTOBER 23, 2019   Up Is the Way Forward for Wind Energy