AWE Questions
  • Send questions that you believe will help advance AWE upon good answering.
  • This file will act as a table of links for the questions. When response to questions occur, then a separate dedicated topic will be opened for that question; that topic discussion file will be linked from this page.
  • Some received questions that receive answering attention may find the answering within other topics; those other topics will be linked here also.
  • Good questions may lead to productive answering to advance AWE.

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Q1. What is AWE?
Q2. What is an airborne RAT?
Q3. What is a kite?   
Q4. What goods may be achieved by an AWES?
Q4. What sizes may occur for AWES?
Q5. What AWES have sold systems to customers to date?
Q6. What patents seem to feature AWES matters?
Q7. In early AWE history what were the tasks for the AWES machines?
Q8. What good tasks are being served in contemporary AWE?