Public Safety Alerts
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Oct. 25, 2019                 Dave Santos

IEEE Spectrum Deceived- latest AWE article

The same PR-driven AWE ventures putting a rosy spin on claims, where "successful tests" "validate" what hidden disastrous tests invalidate. No one bothers to inform the IEEE reporter about the current dramatic spate of major crashes, content to leave the him in the dark. No wonder AWEIA's Ethics Code is summarily rejected by these players. Stakeholders beware, a red line is being systematically crossed by willful AWE-Safety cover-ups-

Alphabet’s Makani Tests Wind Energy Kites in the North Sea
Oct 20, 2019               Dave Santos     from AWEIA

AWES Public Safety Alert- Use only high-visibility tethers in populated areas

Florescent safety colors and retroreflective paint or tape markings will become a standard specification for safest downed-tether emergency in populated areas, particularly if tethers can fall across roadway traffic, with extreme risk of tragedy.

No exhaustive Mishap Report yet for Kitepower with regard to key risk factors like its downed-tether across a Valkenburg neighborhood. Kitepower tethers seemingly are not conspicuity enhanced, but a charcoal grey hue, which is about the most invisible choice.

Makani has also crashed recently offshore, with no public Mishap Report at all. They must also make tethers more conspicuous, whether downed in water, so that crash response is at less risk of injured workers or fouled propellers; and on land, as they continue to test in Waimea.

Ampyx is another high-risk AWES architecture in the R&D pipeline, needing to practice the highest downed-tether public-safety.

This Alert most applies to these large single-line AWES Architectures, with their higher-consequence increased statistical risk of breakaway. AWEurope should enforce safety best-practices of its members, as risks first become known.

Dave Santos