Polar Exploration  and AWES
Traction, electricity, communications,
Sept. 22, 2019        Dave Santos
Powering Polar Exploration with AWE now getting started

So far, only kite *traction* power has revolutionized Polar Exploration; first the sled dog and now the fossil fuel engine is conceptually obsolete. The obvious next step is electrical power from kite traction, with stationary kite-gen capability as well. Solar power and fossil fuel are simply too marginal for polar expeditionary needs, including the science hardware loads.

Here is an early scheme-
Concept of trailing wheeled generator

In more future designs, the unit could be embedded inside the front sled to allow the pilot to engage the unit according to conditions.
Wheel-sled similarity case
"Paddle-stud" tires could grip ice, loose-snow, mud, or sand-
Paddle-studded wheel concept
News soon about the developer-circle forming. Contact me if you want to help.
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