Passive Soaring - Turning into Lift

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October 29, 2019                 Dave Santos

Passive Soaring- Turning into Lift
Active soaring depends greatly on turning into lifting air when a wingtip kicks up, where a purely neutral glider tends to be kicked away from the lift. A glider can be designed passively to turn into lift by suitably crosslinked surfaces, thereby opening the potential to soar indefinitely without piloting or complex control. ITCZ here we come.

The modern Delta Kite already seems to have enhanced soaring by how its floppy frame tends to assume the wanted turn geometry into lift. The top toy kite was even hailed as a "soaring Delta" in its early years, compared to previous kites, but passive cybernetic action could be even further developed in future soaring kites.

Embodied free-soaring intelligence is both simple and profound. Note that turning into lift is dead wrong for ridge soaring, when highest lift is next to terrain. Otherwise, maybe its magic, a new strain of free-flight.