Paravane Energy, a category of AWE   
(PE, in context)
  • Energy water kites convert water flow energy for doing good works, sometimes including the generation of electricity.
  • Minesto is one company among many developing paravane energy to serve human needs.
  • An artist David Tudor touched a primitive paravane space for art sake.
  • Some have estimated that we are in an infant stage of paravane energy.
  • Notice that AWES patents exist that deal with kited air wings and kited water wings in integrated energy systems, i.e., touching the dynamics that are involved in FFAWE (free-flight AWE). '
  • The adventure of PE may be discussed in this topic.
  • Images general:   ParavaneEnergy
  • wiki/Paravane_(water_kite)   
  • An extensive set of paravanes were designed, made, and tested by Dave Santos. 
  • Capt (N) (Ret’d) M. Braham: "The paravane is kind of underwater kite"
    p. 2 of 3 of  "Minesweeping" in Fact Sheet # 80 Published by: The Friends of the Canadian War Museum.
  • "river kite"
  • "otter-kite"   otter board
  • deflector devices
  • Charles Denniston Burney                          1915 paravane
  • depressor paravane
  • trolling device
  • fishing lures
  • towing submerged objects
  • towing boats and ships
  • mooring boats and ships
  • If a device fits the mechanical aspects of a kite no matter the flow media for deflection, then the device may inform various objectives of AWE.
  • GB187650A
    187,650. Magoun, F. P. May 23, 1921.
    GB187650A Improvements in or relating to means for towing submerged objects
  • Windswept & Interesting has done considerable thought and drawing work regarding water-kite AWES. See his videos.
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Feb. 27, 2020, post by Dave Santos

Here is Tal Streeter, eminent kite historian, in Drachen Foundation’s 2002 Journal, really inspired:

“(Kites are) wonderfully mysterious things which were able by some unknown alchemy to transform themselves from rumpled scraps of cloth into power and strength, pure energy beyond belief, and pure beauty beyond belief, things which sailed above in the breezes of the sky, and below in the currents of water.”

This is the true spirit of AWE, at the highest level of skill and insight.